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Super Visa Insurance

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Any parent or grandparent visiting Canada under the Super Visa program needs Supervisa Insurance to fulfill the visa requirements for medical coverage.

Supervisa Insurance typically covers emergency medical expenses, hospitalization, repatriation, and other healthcare costs incurred while in Canada.

Supervisa Insurance policies typically provide one-year coverage with annual renewal options, ensuring continuous protection for visitors in Canada.

Yes, Supervisa Insurance is a mandatory requirement for Super Visa applicants to demonstrate their ability to cover medical expenses while in Canada.

Without Supervisa Insurance, applicants may not meet the eligibility requirements for the Super Visa, leading to visa application rejection.

Yes, you can extend your Supervisa Insurance coverage by renewing it before it expires, ensuring continuous protection in Canada.

Consider coverage limits, premiums, and deductibles when choosing a Supervisa Insurance policy that suits your needs best.

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